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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Well, as the weather man predicted we got a huge dump of snow! At one point we were getting about an inch in a half hour. Over a period of two days we likely got a good foot and a half of snow, bringing our total snow measurement to three feet. It is easily up to my waist in some areas. If you walk in places like that it is extremely hard and if you fall down (which is very easy to do) its quite hard to get back up without being buried in the snow.
My days are starting to fall into a routine. I am mainly just moving cows around, from the pens to the barn and back out again; Checking for calving cows; unfreezing the watering system every morning; and making sure food, salt and minerals are kept stalked up.  The new calving barn is now fully operational as of this week as well. Just in time too, the other barn is not keeping up with the amount of babies being born. We are having to set up a lot of make shift pens.
A new development! I stuck my hand up a cow without a glove on for the first time. And I must say that you can feel things a lot better. This calf was backwards and needed to be pulled. It was a successful pull and we all went inside for breakfast, being sure to wash hands.
I was able to see how to treat cows with swollen/sore bags. They put a clamp in the cows nose and crank her head up, then they pour carbolic acid down her throat. Apparently this brings down the swelling, I'm not sure why, but would love to find out.
My night check has been recently changed from 3:30am to 12:00am, which I am glad about. It means I get a more solid sleep from about 1:00 to 6:30, yay! The other night, just as I stepped out the door I saw a shooting star, that made my night!  I am always very wary of moose while on my night checks. There is always at least one. However, one night there were about 5, at various locations around the yard. Wolf tracks were found today about 100 yards from the back door too.  It can be a little nerve racking at times. . .
A random note: I have just discovered how awesome Johnny Cash is. And am loving the song Folsom Prison Blues :)
Sam and I have been put in charge of milking Candy (she is part milk cow) out once a day.  Yesterday I milked half a gallon out all by myself, cleaned it and put it in the fridge.  One thing is for sure, if I keep this up I will have very strong hands. You would be surprised at how fast your hands get tired. I haven't tried the milk yet. To be completely honest with you I am a little nervous . . . it is awfully yellow looking. But at $8 a gallon with 9 of us living there, I can see why they would want to milk her instead of buying it.
And the most exciting thing that happened to me this week I have saved for last!
Punky and I went to the neighbouring ranch to pick up an orphaned calf which they have now grafted onto a cow of theirs that lost its baby.  We picked up the calf and everything and then the lady showed us her lambs and . . . Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything so cute in my life! They had a tiny black orphaned lamb too and I got to hold it. He would just run around your feet and follow you looking for food, poor little guy. Now I am determined to get one! Wanda says that I can as long as I milk the cow to feed it and it leaves when I do or I find a home for it. I have pretty much got everyone else convinced and if they aren't convinced at least they are thinking about it. I wonder how my grandparents would feel about having a sheep in their backyard . . .
Ahhh, I am so excited!
If only my name was Mary . . . :]

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