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Friday, March 1, 2013

Our most recent calf count is pushing 35 babies, alive and well.  We have had to pull quite a few (I've lost track now), but they have all lived, much to everyones relief.  One highlight of my week was sticking my arm in a cow and feeling the calf inside.  I could only manage to find its feet though.  A few days later I was "assigned" to clean out two cows who hadn't passed their afterbirth yet.  It had been rotting for quite a few days, so was rather rank.  I found the vick's vapo-rub and shinned up my nose with it; it helped considerably.  Eli showed me how to pull the afterbirth without breaking it on the first cow and then I did the second cow on my own.  They seem to be doing great now!
There are so many moose out here!  This afternoon I was about 20 steps away from a cow moose who had jumped into the round pen to eat the hay that was on the ground.  It was so crazy! Never thought I would be that close to one.
We are now doing night checks every two hours.  I have somehow ended up with the 3:30am check.  Most nights there is nothing happening out there on my check.  However, occasionally something happens and I have to move a calving cow into the barn or if the cow has already calved, move the baby and mother into the barn (which can be tricky).  If a first time calver is starting to calve someone has to stay up to make sure there are no complications.  So some nights I am up for an hour and a half or more. It gets pretty tiring and sometimes I sneak away and take a nap. I have had two nights in a row off though, so I can't complain!
It has snowed a lot over the past fews days and it is supposed to dump tomorrow.  Because more snow is just what we need! Glad to have my trusty old muck boots.
Tomorrow we will be sorting cows.  Taking out the ones who look ready to calve and putting them closer to the house.
I need to head back up to Six Mile and go to bed, seeing as I will be up during the night.
Goodnight to all!


  1. Hi Miss O.

    Pretty exciting for the little city girl who used to like stuffing french fries up her nose.

    Glad all is going well.

    Uncle Peter

  2. I laughed so hard when I read this!
    I had totally forgotten about that. How embarrassing, hahaha!
    And yes, it is very exciting! :)