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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June already?!

Some more stuff that’s happened:
Got to lance a lump (about the size of a golf ball) that was on a calf’s cheek. Squeezed out a whole bunch of pussy grossness. I rechecked my calves with the maggoty infections and I am happy to announce that they are healing very well and are maggot free! I am so excited about that.
The annual canoe race took place a couple weekends ago. The competitors paddle the Dean River from Nimpo Lake to just outside of Anahim Lake. Afterwards the community association puts on a big dinner and dance. So the whole town came out and it ended up being a lot of fun. The crazy thing is that people actually dance (like real dancing!); it was so cool to watch! A couple people even dragged me out there!
Went to Bella Coola for the weekend with Punky, Janelle, and the boys. Punky was on a shoeing trip but there was also a horsemanship clinic on at the rodeo grounds. Janelle and I spent the day there watching the clinic and helping Punky shoe. Janelle borrowed one of Lorri’s (she is one of my favorite people in Bella Coola!) horses and rode in the clinic and even tried barrel racing for the first time. She says it’s her new favorite sport. We saw three black bears down there. Janelle opened the van door to get a good picture and it was about 1.5 meters away and didn’t even care about us… scary! Bella Coola seriously needs to do something about its bear population.
Since then Wanda has been trying to get some of the trail ride cooking done. We have been doing lots of big batches of cooking and baking. I’ve been helping Roger turn the irrigation on in the hay meadows too. Its such a fun job because you basically just get to make a dam and play in the water :P
Also, there has been lots of range riding happening. Just making sure the cows are where they should be, out of where they shouldn’t be, and that all the groups of cows have at least one bull with them.
Today I went with Ben to his kindergarten orientation, which was a lot of fun!
Next few weeks will likely be filled with lots of trail ride prep.

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